Under The Microscope


We always want definitive proof that a protocol or therapy works or doesn’t work. Looking under a microscope is about as definitive as you can get.

Let’s first start with how things look under a microscope when in a cell phone is put next to the sample. Looking at the images of the Alcatel and Nokia cell phones we see 4 blood samples which were placed in close proximity to the cell phones. The first shows after exposure of 15 minutes and the second after 30 minutes. How long do you keep your cell phone next to your head or in your pocket or for the ladies reading this, in your bra?

The image shows the blood cells coagulating / clumping together. This interferes with the bloods flow in the vessels, the viscosity. So in the presence of the cell phones, our blood viscosity is impaired (high viscosity). Then when the phone is removed, it returns to normal.

But what about the cell phone of your friends walking with you, or all the other cell phones in your presence? 

Now this study is fairly old so the cell phones are old. Has the hardware design improved to reduce the leakage? Absolutely NOT! In fact studies today show it has gotten worse.

This study shows that applying a magnetic field to the high viscosity blood effected by EMFs improves the blood flow similar to blood thinners like aspirin or other toxic medicines.

Magnets applied to the cylinder in the direction of blood flow aggregate the blood cells in short chains the improve the flow of the blood by reducing the viscosity.

Aggregated red-cell clusters have the shape that favors the flow dynamics, leading to further viscosity reduction.

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The end result – improved blood flow which ensure that  blood and oxygen continuously flow smoothly throughout the body, allowing every organ to function properly. It helps increase energy and vitality, to heal wounds faster, it keeps your brain sharp, it keeps your heart healthy, and it even gives your complexion a natural flush.

What a beautiful result! The essence of beauty with a splash of wellness!