Team Membership

Joining my team is easy! You become a part of my team simply by subscribing and becoming one of my YouGems! And then participating in other future parties! Why would you want to do this? Because they’re fun and your personal experience with the Magnetude Jewelry speaks wonders at a party!

Want to help sell? Oh yeah! It is not expensive to join as a Magnetude Jewelry rep, what they call a Gem! And working under me provides you additional bonuses that you won’t get under someone else! Like use of my website, regular newsletters to our community and more. (Don’t have this set up yet, but in the process!) I’ll invite you to my shows to help out and get experience and share the bonuses. Possibly even let you get credit for a show or party if I don’t need it. And more that I still have to figure out!

Minimal cost to become a rep (Gem) is $99 for a replicated site from Magnetude Jewelry. All the links from my YouTudes site go to my replicated site. The replicated site needs to be renewed each year at the $99 cost.

You can also join with a higher investment and get huge discount on some products so that you have more inventory to display at your parties. There are 3 investment levels – Starter – $179, On the Go – $379, and Big Splash – $1000. The only difference between these levels is the investment for the inventory. 

Contact me when you are ready to graduate to the next level and become a rep!

Here is a document that explains it.